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Help! I have to do a school assembly! I was asked by one of the senior managers today to swap my assemblies. If only I had a set of assembly ideas tucked away, it wouldn’t be quite so bad! Presenting in front of a whole school or a key stage is hard anyway but then finding something that is appropriate is just a difficult thing to do. And it is always in a rush!

Last minute

When it is my turn, I often remember on the way to school and start trawling the internet on the mobile hoping I can get a power point as a starting point. Even worse are the days when I get a message in the first hour asking me to stand in or swap someone else’s slot. When I am lucky I scrounge around and find a story from the reading corner or from my resources cupboard hoping that it would adequately entertain the children for those few 15-20 minutes! It is the ones that are on a particular topic that are the hardest.


School assemblies are daunting! You have to know about the topic, organise some sort of a presentation or a visual to keep the focussed and they have to run with professional fluidity so that you feel you have done a good job and also you know you will be watched by other teachers in hall too.

Topic Research

I remember when I had to do a school assembly on citizenship in the morning and spending my entire PPA time putting it together. I kind of knew about the topic but not enough to do a mini lesson in front of the school. I just couldn’t find anything on the internet and frankly I didn’t know enough about it to put something together. They were sites that had some structure given for an assembly not no visuals or a story. There were others that had the visuals but it had been thoughtlessly put together and didn’t make good material for a short lesson which is what assemblies should be.

No time to Organise

Having a good set of assemblies already saved somewhere helps. Obviously marking and planning for the next day doesn’t leave any time to be organised like that! When I get home, I just get consumed with lots of other things.


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