Yet Another Christmas Carol Class Assembly Script

Scrooge has become so generous that people are starting to take advantage of him! So Marley and the three ghosts pay him a visit and show him where he will end up in the future if he doesn’t stop giving his money away

Yet Another Christmas Carol

Our story begins when Scrooge had been made to realise the value of Christmas and the spirit of Christmas was now well entrenched within him. In fact he had become so generous that people were starting to take advantage of him. So he was visited by Marley and the three ghosts again. Scrooge is reminded of his past self and how his workers treat him in the present and where he will end up in the future if he doesn’t stop giving his money away. Scrooge is left with a moral dilemma and a decision to change back to his old self or to carry on being generous and kind.

This is the retelling of the Christmas Carol with a twist. Scrooge is now a very generous man and loves the spirt of Christmas. When he is visited by the three ghosts again they take him through the past, present and the future in an attempt to get him get back to his old mean self. This time though, he hires the Ghostbusters. Could it be a test? Are the Ghostbusters able to do the job? Does Scrooge change back?

Key Stage: Key stage 2 Role-play but can easily be adapted for Key Stage 1

Style: Highly amusing, creatively written thought-provoking script. Children really enjoy the Ghostbusters segments

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 25 minutes

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Yet Another Christmas Carol Class Assembly - Extract


Well here I am again. I thought this whole business of the Christmas Carol was over. I thought that the whole point was to get me to change and become a better person. Well I have! I couldn't be kinder! I don't know why they have asked me do another one!

Carol singer 1:

Oi! Get out of the way! We are trying to sing here!

Carol singer 2:

Could someone get this old loser out of here!


Oh! I am terribly sorry! Please excuse me. I will be out of your way in a minute. (Looks at the audience) See. I really have changed!. I wonder what is going to happen in this Christmas Carol? I am just as much in the dark as you are. (Starts yawning) But I am sure we'll find out both you and I. (Shrugs his shoulders and goes off. Carol singers carry on singing)


Our story begins when Scrooge had been made to realise the spirt of Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge was now a soft, compassionate and a generous man who loved Christmas.

Narrator 2

It's Christmas Eve, Cratchit along with other employees, is in Scrooge's office. Crachit is playing computer games and Miss Pennyworth is on the telephone, filing her nails and looking in the mirror all at the same time.

Miss PW

Yeah, yeah! Oh yeah! So I was like, get over it! Just coz you found the letter, what do you fink you are, my mother? Is the weather nice then? (Pauses) Oooh nice! What at the beach? (breaks into a fit of laughter but then recovers and carries on) Nah, me nah, stuck in the office.


You've been on that phone for two hours now, if he sees that bill this time, you have had it.

Miss PW

And what do you do all day except Google and email friends? Besides I will just tell him that my aunt is ill in Australia and he will offer to fly me there. The stupid old man! (laughs) (Door starts to open. Crachit and Miss PW fluster to appear to work when Scrooge walks in)


Merry Christmas Crachit! (Crachit carries on, pretending to work)


By humbug! What's the matter with you man? This is the season to be jolly. Be festive Cratchit, be festive!


I have to balance the books sir, so that the accounts are in order for the New Year.


By mention of accounts Cratchit, have the workers received their Christmas bonus?


£700 each sir. I have sent the personal gifts for their families as you requested.


And have the YPCA, LMSA, PPTA, ZLAP and the LPTA received our donations? By humbug Cratchit, you don't think we have missed out a charity, do you?


I don't think so sir. I think I covered all possible acronyms. (Miss PW stands up and clears her throat nervously)

Miss PW

Mr Scrooge, I know it's Christmas Eve and there is still a lot of work in the office but my daughter is not well and I need to have her checked out at the hospital.


But Miss Pennyworth (he takes her by her hand) you have to take the whole day off. You must. And don't feel compelled to come back. Don't you know that health is more important than wealth? Cratchit, you drive Miss PW to the hospital and give her money to take a taxi home. (He takes her hand) And if need be Miss Pennyworth, take the whole week off, in fact take two weeks off. Don't you worry!! Now off you go!!

(Cratchit and Miss PW leave the stage and gesture to the audience to show how easy it is to fool Scrooge. Scrooge shakes his head to show disbelief at the dedication of his workers and turns his back to find some papers)

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