Weather Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly play script which gives information on different climatic zones in the world.


A class assembly which gives information on different climatic zones in the world. Written in a style of a show with presenters giving information and talking to correspondents who are experiencing (in role-play) extreme conditions in the Sahara, Desert, Tropical Rainforests and extreme cold climate of the South Pole.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 Geography Curriculum Weather Role-play

Style: Informative and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Weather Class Assembly - Extract


Hello and welcome to weather update! This is your host Michael Frost!

Presenter 1

Well the weather in South is going to be sunny with wet spells. The forecast in the West is going to be foggy - then rain in buckets and pails!!! There is going to be thunder and in the East and the North East. And in the North there may be some snow and a possibility of sleet!

Child 1

It doesn't look too good here in England does it!! Perhaps England is not the best place to be at the moment!! Time to go away I think! But where?

Child 2

Well choices are:
The sunny Sahara.
Wet and hot jungles of Africa and America.
Or the freezing cold of the North and South Poles....

Child 3

Blimey! Different types of climates!! Hmmmmm..... can't decide.

Presenter 2

Absolutely no problem.... Let's just consult our correspondents in different regions of the world investigating different climatic zones in the world who will update us on what the weather is like in those areas. Then you just have to decide which is your favourite part of the world.... How's about that ducky....

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