Stone Age to Iron Age Class Assembly Script

An exciting class assembly script on the Stone Age which runs through the changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Stone Age to Iron Age

A class assembly which runs through the changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 role-play, History Curriculum, Ancient Civilisation

Style: Information and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

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Stone Age to Iron Age Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Caveman BB:

(Looking at the audience and flaking flint)


Bobunt is my name, hunting and gathering is my game!
I hunt animals and gather wild berries and plants to eat.
I had a great kill today. A wild beast of a deer!
Look. (Points to the floor) Food for at least 2 days!

Mrs BB

The skin is for me.  I don't have any clothes or shoes!


Yabadaba Doo!  Excuse my rudeness.  Meet my Mrs.  Beautiful isn't she!

Mrs BB 

(Smiles and shows her black teeth)


Well, make yourself useful and flake some of this flint to sharpen my spear.  It's blunt!

Mrs BB

(Starts sharpening the spear with a small piece of flint) 
Those Homo-sapiens are hunting all the cattle and the tortoises by the pools!  Soon they will out-number us!


We will need to move to a place where there is more to hunt and gather Mrs Bobunt.

Mrs BB

We might not find another cave and we might have to sleep outdoors.

Caveman BB

So what (Get's up) I like outside. (Looks at his wife) We will light the fire!  We will wrap up warm in our animal furs and look at the stars!  Be happy Mrs BB! We haven't been wiped out yet! Evolution takes a lot of time!   (They exit stage)



Extract 2



Let's watch these 4 hunter-gathers at Star Carr. There were lots of fish and birds at the lake.  Swans had lots of meat and their skin was used for warm clothes.

Child 1

Wow!  This arrow really is very good!  No chance of survival.

Child 2

This really is very sharp! Watch this! 
(All take an aim. An animal is heard wimpering)

Child 3

Hunting with this new bow is much easier!  And I am getting very good at my aim!
We are brilliant hunter gatherers now!

Child 4

Yes but my bow isn't that great!

Child 1  

That is because you are using a bow to hunt an Auroch!  Use mine, it's for birds.

Child 4

(Takes the bow) Like this? 
(Aims a shot with sound effects)



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