Shang Dynasty Class Assembly Script

An interesting class assembly which runs through the history and the achievements of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.

Shang Dynasty

A class assembly which runs through the history and the achievements of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 role-play, History Curriculum, Ancient Civilisation

Style: Information and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

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Shang Dynasty Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Inventor 1!

(Comes on) Oh my goodness! I think I have done it! I have made the first ever compass! (Hands it over to the Chang Teng)

Chang Teng:

(Looks at it closely) Stop embarrassing me! It's just a piece of wood with a magnetic spoon you imbecile! And what are all these markings for?

Inventor 1:

This, your majesty is the first of its making! We can use it for religious things like to see if the house is facing the right way and if it is in perfect harmony with nature.

Chang Teng:

If only you could invent something that told people which direction to travel, you big ape!

Inventor 1:

(Goes in deep thought! Then raises his finger and opens his eyes wide as if he just had a light bulb moment)

Chang Teng:


Inventor 2:

I have invented a cross bow Sire! It is much more powerful than an ordinary bow and can fire multiple arrows.

Extract 2

King Wu Ding:

(Appears on stage) Hello everybody! It's hard being a king! And worrying! It hasn't rained for weeks and it might be a very poor harvest this year! I can only pray! The only people who will be able to help are my dead relatives again!

(Claps his hands and calls) Is there anyone who can help me get in touch with them?

Fu Hao:

Your majesty. (Bows gracefully) I am a high priestess and a great warrior. My name is Fu Hao. I can help but may I just say that I have fallen in love with your palace! (Looks around the place)

King Wu Ding:

(Stares at her for a good 3 seconds) And, I have fallen in love with you and I have only known you 2 minutes! (Looks at her adoringly)

Fu Hao:

I have that effect on people. (Looks proud)

King Wu Ding:

(Collects himself and clears his throat) Umm, I want to ask my dead father a question. Do you have an oracle bone?

Fu Hao:

Yes I have 3 from the oxen I killed this morning. How many questions would you like to ask?

King Wu Ding

Just the one. I must say you are very pretty for a priestess and a warrior!

(Fu Hao gracefully walks to the table already set up and heats the rod)

Extract 3


We farm the land but we don't own the land. We grow things but we have to pay taxes to the king and the nobleman. And pay the slaves! (Turns to the slaves) Come on you peasant! Hurry up and plough!

Slave 1:

I am trying my best! I don't have many tools! It takes time you know!


The dog and the oxen are there to help you.

Peasant 2:

They are useless! Give us more money and we will work harder!

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