Robin Hood Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly play script which summarises Robin Hood’s adventures and how he robbed from the rich and helped the poor in a very simple but entertaining plot.

Robin Hood

A class assembly which summarises Robin Hood’s adventures and how he robbed from the rich and helped the poor in a very simple but entertaining plot. This class script explores his dealings with the outlaws, Maid Marion, the Sheriff of Nottingham in a highly amusing and interesting way. Includes sketches on hunting deer and an archery contest which children absolutely love!

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 role-play but can be adapted for Key Stage 1

Style: Delightfully entertaining, fun-filled and clever retelling of this well known folk story. The play at times is written with some very clever and amusing narrative poetry to explain complex characters and motives which maybe difficult for children to understand.

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be adapted to accommodate less or more.

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Robin Hood Class Assembly - Extract

Town Crier

Oh yeah, oh yeah! It's 11 O Clock and all is not well. Your lord and Master, the Sheriff of Nottingham is cross " very, very cross! In fact he is so cross he didn't finish his favourite pudding prunes and custard. Just listen to him.


(Sheriff's palace)


I am cross, I tell you " cross, cross, cross!!!


Calm down my lord. Pray what is the matter?


Don't you tell me to calm down. I'll have you flogged to within an inch of your life. If I want to be cross, I can be cross! Oh, Oh! Here comes mother.

(Enter Sheriff's mother)


What on earth's going on? Is that you shouting Alphonse? And you haven't eaten your prunes, you'll be constipated for days. Whatever's the matter?


It's that Robin Hood. I hate him. I want to kill him mother.


Why my precious?


Well you know I like to tax the poor. I send my soldiers out to get the money but when they go through Sherwood Forest they get attacked by Robin Hood and his men. The money is stolen and given back to the poor. It's an outrage.


That must be why he is called Robin.




Because he likes robin' you. Ha ha ha.


It's not funny. If I don't get my money then there'll be no more jewels for you or shopping holidays to London!


Then we must stop him quickly! We must think of a clever plan. I will enjoy watching him hang. Leave it to me.


Town Crier

Oh yeah, oh yeah!
All is well in the wood
At least up till now
Meet Robin Hood!


Where is he? He is very hard to find. I know let's call him. I'll count to three and you shout "Robin Hood where are you?" Let's try 1, 2, 3....

(Audience interaction)
(Enter Robin Hood)


Hello everyone. How did you find me? Have you come to join me? Well you'd better meet the others. The more the merrier! Come and say hello!

(Enter Little John)

Little John:

Welcome. My name is Little John but don't be fooled by my name. The Sheriff stole all my animals and burnt my farm. I came to Sherwood Forest, like you, to join Robin fight against the sheriff.

Much the Miller

I am Much the Miller.......

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