School Assembly on Pesach - KS1 & KS2


Download a school assembly on the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover). The slide show covers the story the history behind this festival and how it is celebrated today.

This pack also includes a short story about the Exodus. It describes how Moses led the Israelites out of slavery and bondage in Egypt and towards the Promised Land.

Key Stage: Key Stage 1 and 2

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school.

Duration: 20 minutes.

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Pesach School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Story: The Story of the Exodus (Extract)

"Follow these instructions and your children will be safe." said Moses to his people. He gave them instructions. "Tonight you must kill a lamb and then wipe its blood across your door. Pack up your things. Make bread for a long journey. Be prepared to leave early tomorrow. Tomorrow we will leave this place and be free!"

The Israelites trusted Moses and followed his instructions. That night the angel of death flew over Egypt and killed the eldest son in each household. The angel of death did not enter the homes of the Israelites because he saw the lamb's blood clearly marked outside the doorpost.

The Israelites silently left their houses in a hurry that night, their bread had not risen enough but they still packed it so they could eat it on their journey. They left before daybreak. They were not there to see it but heard later that when the angel of death had swept across Egypt, he had also taken the life of the Pharoah's eldest son.

The Pharoah did not follow them that night. He wanted to be rid of the Israelites and the plagues that had spread across Egypt. The Israelites were free to go. But not for long! That is a story for another day.

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