Noah's Ark Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly which retells the biblical story of how Noah received a message from god and built an Arc.

Noah's Ark

A class assembly which retells the biblical story of how Noah received a message from god and built an Arc. Includes scenes on Arc building, mockery, and finding animals to go on to the Arc

Key Stage: Key stage 2 role-play but can be adapted for key stage 1

Style: A very thought-provoking yet enjoyable and amusing script. A clever style of writing portrays deeper messages in an entertaining way

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be adapted to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Noah's Ark Class Assembly - Extract

Narrator 1

This story is one of the oldest stories ever told. It is from the old book of the Bible - the Old Testament. And it is about a man called Noah. Like the best stories, it concerns the battle between good and evil.

Narrator 2

As the story goes God created a beautiful world. The only thing that spoiled it, were the people who lived in it. They were wicked and I mean wicked!

Narrator 3

This is Noah.


Just look at them. A complete waste of space! But don't get in their way. They'd kill you as soon as they look at you. They'd kill their own grannies for 50p. I've a pretty good idea that God doesn't want them to behave like that.

Card player 1

Oy! Beardy! What are you looking at?


Nothing - nothing at all.

Card player 2

Well be on your way then unless you want a knuckle Sandwich!


Don't worry, I am going.


(Waking up and yawning) Yes, God. I hear what you say. It seems a very strange job to have to do - build a boat as big as a football pitch, in the middle of this hot summer, on dry land, three hundred miles from the sea and get all those animals. But if you say so God, I'll do it. I'd better go and tell my family. I won't be able to do it all myself.


Shem and wife

As big as a football pitch!?

Japeth and wife

But we're three hundred miles from the sea.

Ham and wife

Two of every animal.

Mrs Noah

Noah, you want your brains tested!


You must have gone round the twist.


Well, it's what God says and if you won't help me. I'll do it myself.


(Looking at others) Well-.


We can't let him-.

Mrs Noah

I'll help you - you silly old man.


So will we.


Thank you, all of you but I think in the end, you won't think I'm as silly as all that.

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