School Assembly on New Year Resolutions - KS1 & KS2

A School Assembly on New Year resolutions. This unit includes a power-point on New Year resolutions and a short story.

New Year Resolutions

The slide show covers what resolutions are and when they are usually made. The slides provoke discussions around how to choose resolutions and how to keep them.

This unit also includes a short story about two children who have set New Year resolutions. One did not keep any because she thought she had would not be able to keep them and the other had set far too many and very difficult ones.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 but can be adapted for Key Stage 1.

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school

Duration: 20 minutes but can be made longer or shorter by editing the slides and the story.

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New Year Resolutions School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

A Good Resolve - Extract

"I am not going to keep any resolutions this year because I can never keep them!" moaned Sammy in a very defeated way. "Oh, I have kept 8! I will not eat chocolate ever again, I will get up at 6 o clock every morning. I will help more around the house. I will never talk in class again. I will never drink fizzy drinks again. I can't remember the others...." Josie trailed off trying to think of them. Sammy and Josie sat at the kitchen table on New Year's day. They were tired and sleepy but still excited from the previous night. It had been a very late night in the back garden with their own fireworks and then afterwards they watched the fireworks on the telly...

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