School Assembly on Law and Order (British Values) - KS1 & KS2

Download a school assembly on the rule of law which is part of our British values series

Law and Order (British Values)

The unit includes a slideshow which explores the need for laws and how they keep us safe. The slides go through laws that protect us every day and ones that we take for granted. The power point also goes through what happens when people break the law. The pack also includes a short story about a little boy who wishes that they were no rules or laws. He then encounters familiar situations without the laws to protect him. The children can pick out points key parts of the story for basis of discussion.

Key Stage: Key stage 1 and key stage 2

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school

Duration: 20 minutes

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Law and Order (British Values) School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Why do we need laws anyway? - Extract
Extract 1
He had been sent to bed without any food and now his stomach was churning for breakfast! He opened the fridge door and pulled out a carton of milk from the fridge. It looked really curdled and smelt a little off.
"Urg!" spluttered Danny as he sipped his tea. Danny tilted the carton to see the sell by date and it was past it by a good few days! "This milk is out of date!" Danny yelled across the kitchen to his mother.
"I only just got that this morning." shouted his mum from upstairs.
"They sold something out of date! That's against the law!" he shouted back.
"Well, I remember someone yesterday saying that they wished they were no laws! Perhaps your wish came true Danny!" mum shouted back.

Extract 2
It was taking unusually long for the lights to change so he glanced up at the lights. The lights were red but cars sped by anyway. Perhaps the lights are broken or they have really done away with the law, Danny thought as he stood waiting for the right time to pass. Cars whizzed past him so fast that Danny was too scared to cross the road.

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