Julius Caesar Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly script which portrays the life and achievements of Julius Caesar as well as his final fate at the senate. All set against the historical context of the Roman Empire, it includes scenes on gladiators and famous conquests.

Julius Caesar

This class assembly portrays the life and achievements of Julius Caesar as well as his final fate at the senate. All set against the historical context of the Roman Empire, it includes scenes on gladiators and famous conquests. Also includes a short Powerpoint slide show.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 History Curriculum Roman play-script and role-play on Julius Caesar.

Style: Very informative, creatively written script. The play at times is written with some very clever and amusing narrative poetry to explain some of the difficult history for children. Very high entertainment value!

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes


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Julius Caesar Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Narrator 1

Travel with us back to Ancient Rome
More than two thousand years ago
Back to the time of Julius Caesar
You know him - he's that Roman geezer.

Narrator 2

The greatest Roman of them all
And standing only five feet tall,
He conquered Gaul and Britannia,
Greece, North Africa and Hispania

Narrator 3

He was a clever man and most ambitious
And some did say he was quite vicious
Judge for yourselves, you will see him soon
Welcome to Rome, it's half past noon.
(Scene opens with a stall holders chanting in a Roman market

Stall Holder 1

Olives! Best olives! The finest olives in Rome. Get your olives here!

Stall Holder 2

Grapes! Grapes! Red, white and rose. Get your grapes here.

Stall Holder 3

Dormice! Dormice! Delicious dormice fried, boiled or raw. Perfect for any feast.

Extract 2


You understand me well Brutus. That is why you are my friend. Cassius, gather my army. I think I will go and conquer Egypt. We'll go on Sunday after the games. (Exit Caesar).

(Brutus pays the slave master and the crowd moves off)


Cassius, Caesar worries me. He's getting too big for his boots.


I feel the same. The next thing we'll know is that he wants to be king!


The last king, Tarquirius, was a disaster! We can't let it happen again.


What are you saying Brutus?


Nothing yet. Let's see what happens

Extract 3

Narrator 1

To see two gladiators fighting
To see Julius Caesar was most exciting.
So on Saturn's Day at the colosseum
That's the place where you next will see him.


Let the battle commence!


Ave, Caesar!
Morituri te Salutamus!
Hail Caesar. Those who are about to die, salute you!


Well get on with it then!





Extract 4


(Enter slave with rolled up carpet)


We have brought Caesar a gift.


Thank you, but I have plenty of carpets in my palace in Rome.


But this isn't just a carpet! It is a wrapping for a special gift.


Then kindly unwrap it.

(Carpet is unrolled and Cleopatra emerges)

My word! What a beautiful girl!


My name is Cleopatra, the rightful Queen of Egypt. You have conquered my country and you have conquered my heart.


And you have conquered mine and I have only known you five seconds.


Yes I have that effect on men.


And when I am the king of Rome I will bring you to Rome and you shall be my queen.


A little bird told me that you already have a wife, Pompeia.


A little poison will cure me of her. Come and show me the Pyramids.

(Caesar and Cleopatra go off)

Extract 5


Julius, don't go. I have had a terrible dream. I dreamed that you're going to die.


Pompeia, don't fuss so! Your silly dreams won't stop me from going. I want to be the new King of Rome!

(Starts making his way)


Caesar! Caesar! Beware the Ides
Beware the Ides of March.


Who is this silly old fool?
Throw him to the lions!!

(Guards drag soothsayer away)


Caesar! Beware the Ides!
Beware the Ides of March.



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