Human Body Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly which gives information on different parts of the human body.

Human Body

A class assembly which gives information on different parts of the human body. A nutty professor talks an audience through different parts of the human body. Includes information and role plays on the digestive, circulatory systems as well as other vital organs

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 Science Curriculum Human Body Role-play

Style: Informative, creative and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Human Body Class Assembly - Extract

Narrator 1

Good morning boys and girls. Today we are going to learn a bit more about our bodies. Are you ready for a grand tour of it? Have you got your tickets at hand? We only have 20 minutes so let's get started. But we need Professor Spleen....

Narrator 2

He must be in his lab....

Narrator 3

Professor Spleen.... Are you there?

Narrator 4

Aaaahhh Hhhh (clears throat really loudly in order to get attention) Are you there?

(Prof Spleen starts snoring and the audience notice him sleeping on one of the chairs with a ruler hanging up in the air with one hand)

Narrator 3

Professor.... Professor Spleen. He is sleeping and is holding a ruler up for some reason.

(Professor Spleen wakes up examining his ruler as if trying to find out something really interesting)

Narrator 3

Why were you sleeping with a ruler in your hand Professor Spleen?

Professor S.

Aaaaah yes.... I was just experimenting how long I could sleep.

(looks at the audience and pulls spectacles up and down)

Yes....I haven't forgotten about you... you want to find out about the amazing human body don't you....perhaps I should take out my old friend skeleton - he never gets to go anywhere.

Narrator 2

Aaaaah - why not professor. Why does skeleton not go out?

Professor S

My word you really don't know anything do you? Because he has no body to go with of course!! (Laughs eccentrically)!

Skeleton or skeletons I should say... come out, we have a whole new audience today... All utterly miserable and smelly!!!

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