Homes and Houses Class Assembly Script

Download a class assembly on the history of the development of homes and houses. From the Neanderthals to the Tudors, this engaging and child-led assembly is full of original and unique facts.

Homes and Houses

Download a Class Assembly about homes and houses. Children pass through time periods examining how houses changed from era to era. Meet the lords and ladies of medieval comparing their castles to the village huts. Step into Tudor London and examine the features of Tudor homes, then design Georgian houses with the architects. Have tea with Victorian factory workers and let them tell you about their homes. From Medieval Britain to present day, this assembly charts the development of homes and houses for you! All you have to do is let the kids enjoy performing!

Key Stage: Can be adapted Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Style: Informative and entertaining

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school.

Duration: 20 -25 minutes

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Homes and Houses Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1


What do all houses have in common? They have...

Roof, doors, windows, rooms, a place to cook, a place to wash

Builder 1

And....somewhere to wee!

Builder 2

Some people can live in a detached house! (Point to slides on whiteboard)

Builder 1

Some people live in a semi-detached house.

Builder 2

Some people live in a terraced house. Let see where some other people live!

(Children call out from the benches. PowerPoint slides change)


My sister Annette lives in a flat!


My uncle Joe lives in a bungalow!


My uncle Fred lives in a shed!


Auntie Alice lives in a palace!

Extract 2

Narrator 1

It is the year 1215. We are in the medieval times! The lord and lady of the village have come to collect their rent. The peasants working on the land. Let's meet them.
A lord, lady, a soldier and a couple of peasants appear. Appropriate music of the time is playing.


Welcome to the good ol' medieval times!


I suppose there isn't much good about it truth be told, what with Bad King John, tyranny and terrible living conditions for most people...except us lot, the wealthy! Can you guess where we lived?




Spot on! You all know what a castle looks like, right?




We have huge stone castle up at the hill. It is bare and cold and built on moats to keep everyone out!


(Stamps his food and looks proud) We are allowed in because we work in the castle itself! Someone like him (Points to peasant) wouldn't be allowed in! He is just a peasant!

Extract 3

T Noble 3

The rise in population has meant bigger towns and lots of new houses!

T Noble 1

We build these houses upward, so the upper floors need support beams. We paint these black to protect them from the weather.

T Noble 2

Yes! This gives them the very distinctive appearance of Tudor homes!

Peasant 1

That's all right for you lot, we still live in cold, wet, smoky huts!

Peasant 2

Don't forget the animals.

Peasant 3

Yeah, them too!

Peasant 1

You know what? If I were alive today (the others pull puzzled faces) I mean now, you know, modern times. If I had lived longer than 35 years...

Peasant 2

Not that many of us did...

Peasant 3

Well, if I did, I'd get me self one of them mock Tudor houses that they build nowadays.

T Noble 1

Oh, you mean a lookie-likie Tudor house?
(Peasant 3 nods)

T Noble 1

Oh, what a splendid idea! (claps here hands excitedly). Me too.

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