Florence Nightingale Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly script which covers the life and upbringing of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale

A class assembly which covers the life and upbringing of Florence Nightingale. It also covers her involvement in the Crimean War, the journey to the war and how she helped the soldiers. The script also covers how her ideas and methods have helped nursing today. There is also an extract on Mary Seacole

Key Stage: Key Stage 1 role-play

Style: Informative. Some narration through poetry

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Florence Nightingale Class Assembly - Extract


Our Assembly today is about a lady with a lamp She wasn't a lay-about or a beastly tramp!


She was born in Italy but grew up in England Her family were quite rich, quite wealthy and quite grand!


(Moan as if they are ill)

Child 1

Oh my arm really hurts!

Child 2

I think I have really bad fever!

Child 3

I have no money to go to the doctor!

Child 4

Help! I am feeling really ill.

Florence Nightingale

(from backstage) Who are these poor people? I want to help, I am quite clever and I have money in my purse! Wait! I know, I think I will be a nurse.


A nurse! Why that is shocking!




You are a lady! Don't touch all that filthy muck! Why you are so rich, you don't even have to work. To see you married will make us so glad, Why don't you find a nice husband instead?


But the lady with the lamp did not hear nor hail Ladies and gentleman please welcome Florence Nightingale!


(Enter Florence Nightingale with her owl) Welcome everyone. I have just come back from a training course in Germany. Nurses repeat what I have taught you!

Extract 2

Nurse 2

Where is Scutari?

Nurse 3

Constanti... Constant... (Gives up) All Modern day Turkey!

Nurse 2

How are we going to get here?

Nurse 1

By horse and cart of course!

Nurse 3

Yes because aeroplanes haven't been invented yet!


So of they went. Florence and her 38. Hard on their heels, they couldn't be late.


Through France and Italy they did travel, On horse and cart, donkey and camel!


It was a long journey of that we are sure But the nurses arrived keen and ready to cure!


Scutari (Soldiers lying on the floor and crying)


Oh my goodness. There are rats everywhere.

Nurse 2

The conditions are worse than we thought.

Nurse 3

There are no beds, clothes or medicines.


Now listen all 38 of you. We need to work hard to....

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