Famous Tudors Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly script which runs through the various famous Tudors such as William Shakespeare and Sir Frances Drake.

Famous Tudors

A class assembly which runs through the various famous Tudors such as William Shakespeare, Sir Frances Drake and also includes an amusingly written court scene segment on how Margaret Harkett was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Amusing and thought provoking play which questions controversial aspects of history. Very high entertainment value.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 History Curriculum Famous Tudors Role-play

Style: Very informative, creatively written script

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Famous Tudors Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Narrator 3

Well our next Tudor guest, some of you might know well. Master William Shakespeare and what tales he had to tell.

Narrator 4

Tales of love and tragedy, history and comedy.

Narrator 1

To make you laugh and make you cry.

Narrator 3

And with his great gifts to make you sigh!


Welcome to my theatre. It is called The Globe - because it is round, you see. As I say, you are most welcome. It will only cost you a penny. I am afraid you'll have to stand and if it rains you will get wet! The queen comes sometimes but not today. She is having her monthly bath.

Do come in. We're rehearsing my latest play called Macbeth. You're just in time for the scene with the witches. (Enter witches. Shakespeare stands to one side - Thunder sounds)

Extract 2


Who is the accused?

Clerk to court

Margaret Harkett your worship. A widow of 60 years from Stanmore in Middlesex.


Margaret Harkett, you stand accused of witchcraft. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?


Please sir, I have done nothing. My only crime is to be a poor and lonely woman.


Call the first witness! (Bangs his hammer)


William Godwin, a farmer, your worship.


Godwin, tell the court what you know.


Well, your worship, that Harkett woman came begging to the house last year asking for oatmeal. The servants said no and at that very moment one of my lambs in the kitchen - it died!


Is this true, Harkett


The lamb was sick sir, it was just bad luck.


Bring in the next witness. (Bang)

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