Famous Explorers Class Assembly Script

Famous Explorers

Entertaining class assembly on famous explorers. Through a fun and engaging script, the children explore the meaning of the word explorer, they meet Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and gain a good insight into the age of exploration. The script includes scenes that give key information about their key achievements and how they are remembered today.

Key Stage: Key stage KS1

Style: Informative and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more.

Duration: 20 minutes but can be made longer or shorter by editing the script.

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Famous Explorers Class Assembly - Extract


Christopher Columbus and his brother, Bartholomew wanted to travel to China, as they knew they could find great riches there. The road to China from Portugal was very long and dangerous. Columbus thought he could take a short cut, and sail to China across the Atlantic Ocean. Come with us, as we travel back in time to join Christopher Columbus on his adventure.

Castle Scene – Christopher Columbus, King Ferdinand of Spain, Queen Isabella.


Thank you for agreeing to meet me sire, I think there is a shorted way to travel to China, and plan to prove it by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. I need money, lots of it! And some ships, and a crew. What say you?

King Ferdinand

I don’t know about this Mr Columbus, it’s a lot of money and a big risk, let me talk to my wife.

Queen Isabella

If he is correct we would be so rich…

King Ferdinand

OK Mr Columbus, we will finance your trip…don’t let us down.

Narrator 5

Christopher Columbus and his crew set sail. It turned out Christopher Columbus was wrong. The Earth was much bigger than we knew, and between Europe and China there was a whole new land waiting to be discovered!

Ship Scene – Christopher Columbus, ships crew.


Land ho! Look everyone, land!!!


I knew it! Prepare the rafts, we have arrived in Asia!

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