Everyday Materials Class Assembly Script

Everyday Materials

Download an assembly about everyday materials and find out how they can be used in our daily lives. There has been a disaster at a local science laboratory. Can your school's children help the scientists order everything they need to put their lab back together? Can our ace reporters keep up to date with what's going on? The assembly also briefly discusses the environmental implications of various different materials.

This assembly allows the children to show off their D.T. skills and explain the reasons behind their choice of material. It also allows children to perform their own poetry inspired by everyday materials, thus supporting cross-curricular learning.

Key Stage: KS1 - Key Stage 1

Style: Informative and entertaining

Number of children: 30 parts but can be adapted for larger or smaller classes

Duration: 20 -25 minutes

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Everyday Materials Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Reporter 1

Good morning everyone. Thanks for tuning into London News.

Reporter 2

We're bringing you breaking news today.

Reporter 1

Over to our reporter Andrew for more.

Reporter 3

Thank you Sarah. Yes, the day here at St John's began as usual. The children had no idea of what was in store for them. Let's see how it all began.


Good morning children.


(Chorusing) Good morning Mrs Smith.


Some special visitors are coming to help us with our learning today.


(Excitedly shouting questions)


Calm down, children. Here they come!

Scientist 1

Good morning everyone. I'm very sorry Mrs Smith but we're going to have to cancel our talk this morning.

Scientist 2

I'm afraid we have a serious problem at the lab.

Scientist 3

We're going to need to deal with it straight away.


Oh no. That sounds serious. What's happened?

Scientist 4

Something went wrong with our equipment and there was a big explosion.

Scientist 5

Luckily nobody was hurt but it's left a big mess and we will have to put things back together. It's going to be such a big job.

Extract 2


Good morning. Welcome to the smithy.

Child 3

The where?

Scientist 3

The smithy is short for the blacksmith. A blacksmith makes things from iron.

Child 3

They make things from irons? Do they get the creases out of things?


(laughing) No. Iron is a type of metal. You get it from a rock called ore. You heat the rock up and the iron inside melts and forms a metal. You can use iron to make a really strong metal called steel.

Scientist 3

Our lab had a steel sink and some steel instruments. We need to replace them.

Child 3

Why is it so important to have steel?


Well, it is quite easy to make these things accurately out of steel and they are lightweight but very strong.

Child 3

What do you mean you can make them accurately?


When I make a measuring spoon, I can always make it the same size so you always get the same amount of an ingredient no matter which spoon you use. (Shows Child 3 some spoons that are all identical)

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