School Assembly on Elderly - KS1 & KS2


Download a school assembly on older people. The pack includes a power point slideshow which explores how people change as the get older and what it is like to be old. The slides discuss the different needs of older people and how their abilities and wisdom can be helpful to us.

The pack also includes a retelling of a popular folktale. An old man who is reliant on his son and daughter- in-law, find him too burdensome to look after. They plan to carry him out in a Doko, a basket made from rope, onto a far-away road so that passers by can feed him. Their own son interrupts their plan by telling them that they should bring the Doko back because he will need it to leave them on the road when they become old. The son and the daughter-in-law learn a lesson and change their mind about throwing the old man out.

Key Stage: Key stage 1 and key stage 2

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school

Duration: 20 minutes

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Elderly School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Elderly School Assembly - Extract

The Doko was tucked away neatly in the corner next to the old man's bed. The bed was as old as the doko and one of the legs was very close to snapping. It was a very poor home but the old man was very grateful that he had somewhere to sleep and somewhere to live in his old age. It was his own house but now that he was old, his son Abeena and his wife paid for everything that they needed. He was so old now that he could hardly get out of bed and just spent his days telling stories to his little grandson. The springs of the bed creaked as the old man turn around. He tried to sleep but the whispers from next door kept him awake.

"He has to go! We can't afford to keep him anymore. He costs us too much money. His medicines are so expensive, we can hardly afford the food! Take him in the doko and leave him on the side of the road very far way!" hissed Abeena's wife.

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