Eid Ul Fitr Class Assembly Script

Eid Ul Fitr

Download a class assembly about Eid-ul-Fitr. In this class play, your class will get a real feel for how Eid is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. You will meet Abdi and see what it is like to be fasting and help him decide what he wants to eat for his last fast before Eid day. You will go out with old grandad as he takes his family out to sight the moon in the dark and join Mr Farouk and his family as they pack and get ready for all the excitement and the merriment that Eid brings. There is lots more fun to be had in this play about Eid-ul-Fitr!

Key Stage: Can be adapted for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Style: Informative and entertaining

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school.

Duration: 20 -25 minutes

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Eid Ul Fitr Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Narrator 1

Ramadhan lasts for 30 days until the new moon shows for the next month! It isn't easy especially if you like food!

Narrator 2

Let's meet our friends Abdi.
(Abdi trudges on stage looking tired)
And now meet our friend Alfie!
(Alfie comes on energetically)
It might be the last day of Ramadhan and Abdi is fasting.

Narrator 1

Yes Abdi is fasting today! He didn't wake up to eat the early breakfast today at sunrise and is a bit grumpy!


Hey Abdi! Let's play food riddles!




Guess what I am describing?
I am thinking of a treat
Mostly brown, and delightfully sweet!


Yes! A chocolate! Aaaah! That is the first thing I will have at sunset! A creamy chocolate!


Ok! Try this one!
Ketchup or not, I am a wonder on the lip,
I am cut into strips, I am a potato ______ !


Chip! Chip! Oh I love chips!
With ketchup!! Right that is what I will have at sunset!


Last one! Try this.
Although it is cold, it's an old time wonder
Creamy and sweet and great in the summer!


An ice cream! Yes I will definitely have an ice cream at sunset!


Uuuh? (Opens up a bag of crisps and offers them to Abdi)
What are you going on about? At sunset?


Be gone! Be gone!
(Storms off)


Ok! Don't 'ave any then! Who rocked your boat!
(Widens eyes and puts his hands on his face in as he realises! Gasps)


Oh! He was fasting! I forgot! I should have been a bit more thoughtful!
Abdi! Wait! I am so sorry! (Goes after Abdi)

Extract 2


So it is the night before Eid! The moon has been sighted and there is excitement all around. Let's go and see what is happening at Mr Farouk's house! They are preparing for Eid day tomorrow!

(Mr and Mrs Farouk walk in with their three children)

Mr Farouk

Hello all! We have just found out that it is Eid day tomorrow! I have just been to the halal butchers to get some meat! We are cooking up a feast tomorrow! I am cooking Eid breakfast for 25 people!

Mrs Farouk

I have just been getting all the clothes ready to wear tomorrow! We all have to wear new clothes for Eid! (Rummages through small suitcase)

Mrs Farouk

I have been putting henna patterns on my hand! Look! (Shows hands to the audience - If this isn't possible point to PowerPoint Slide)

Little Mr F

And I am packing my toys! (Puts toys in a small bag) We are going to gran's house! We always sleep there on Eid night so we wake up there on Eid morning! All my cousins are going to be there! Great found it! (Shows some toy) I will pack this!

Mrs Farouk

Right! Come on everyone! Let's get in the car! We have to go now! I need to pop out to get some tights for the little one before the shops shut!

(All leave the stage)


Eid day begins with an Eid prayer (Show slide). This usually takes place at the mosque. Men and women can go to pray! When it is sunny, people gather at the park to pray Eid prayer.


Muslims wear their best clothes for Eid day. Let's look at what Muslims might wear on Eid day! (Enter two children)

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