School Assembly on Eid Ul Adha - KS1 & KS2

Eid Ul Adha

Download a school assembly on Eid-ul-Adha. The slide show covers why Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha and what they do on the day to celebrate this festival.
This pack also includes a short story about Prophet Ibrahim and how this relates to the day of Eid-ul-adha.

Key Stage: Key Stage 1 and 2

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school.

Duration: 20 minutes

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Eid Ul Adha School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

The story of Prophet Ibrahim - Short Story Extract

Muslims believe that Ibrahim was tested by God many times but the hardest test for Ibrahim came with his son Ismail. Ibrahim had waited a long time to have children and had almost given up when he was blessed with a son in his very old age. Ismail was the pride and joy of Ibrahim's life and he loved him dearly. One day, Ibrahim heard God in the quiet. "Ibrahim, I want you to sacrifice your son for me." Ibrahim was shocked and tried to forget this but he knew that this was a test from the almighty to see how much Ibrahim believed in him. The thought that he was being tested kept lingering in Ibrahim's mind until one day he set off with his little son Ismail on a short journey to the slaughter house.

"Father, why are we going to the slaughter house when we don't even have a lamb to sacrifice?" asked little Ismail when he saw that his father was not his usual self.

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