Easter Class Assembly Script

An Easter story that covers all the major events that unfolded during the last days of Jesus’s life. The script uses clever poetry and sensitive drama to retell the Easter story.


In this assembly your class will act out how Jesus was received when he entered Jerusalem on a donkey and see the high priests plotting against Jesus as well as Judas’s betrayal. They will witness Jesus being taken away by the Roman guards to a Roman courtroom where he is sentenced by Pontius Pilate and an amazing tomb scene where he comes back to life. The assembly very sensitively narrates the key events through enjoyable poetry as the children mime out the most interesting and informative bits of the Easter story. The assembly ends with an Easter procession on stage while the class sing "Lord of the Dance".

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 role-play

Style: Information and amusing

Number of children: A script for 30 children but can be edited to accommodate for more or less.

Duration: 20 minute performance but can be edited.

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Easter Class Assembly - Extract

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Sample Extract 1


It was in Jerusalem a long time ago
For those of you who may not know
On Palm Sunday Jesus arrived on a donkey
All over, the crowds gathered to see


Jesus came to spread the word of God
Healing, praying and be the light of his Lord

(Jesus enters stage with a donkey. 6 children wave green branches as he walks toward centre stage with his donkey)

"Welcome!" they cried in the street
And ran to put palm leaves at his feet

(Children place branches at the feet of Jesus as he walks across)


Sample Extract 2

High Priest 1

He is getting too big for his boots! He doesn't believe in what we believe!

High Priest 2:

He is very powerful! People will start to believe him. He will change everything!

High Priest 3

He needs to die! But we will have to do it carefully! He has many followers.

High Priest 2

We will make up some lies and accuse of things he didn't do. And then crucify him.

High Priest 1

I have a plan.

High Priest 4

The die is cast! He shall die!



Sample Extract 3

Guard 1

Show us that man who is Jesus of Nazareth
We want to torture him till his very last breath

Guard 2

Name your price! We will make it worth your while!
How many pieces of silver will make you smile?


Judas smiled with greed and deceit
(Smiles and rubs his hands together)


The man you want is the man I will greet
Look for the one that I will kiss
That will be the man on your hit list!

Sample Extract 4 - Court Scene


(Enter Pilate with a judge wig on his hand. Walks to a table and sits down. Jesus stands in front held by the guards in a freeze frame)


(Bangs the hammer on the table)
Jesus is to be hung on a cross and crucified!
He is to be punished and tortured until he has died!
(Bangs his hammer)

Sample Extract 5


Italians tuck into a cake shaped like a dove called Columba!




And in England hot cross buns are enjoyed at Easter!




In Mexico, people take to the streets to eat and drink!


In France, children look out for flying church bells and look for eggs in their gardens that their parents have hidden!


(Children mock the Easter procession around the perimeter of stage. Class sing "Lord of the Dance")

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