Children in the Second World War Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly describing what it was like for children to live through the Second World War.

Children in the Second World War

A class assembly which gives information on political and social aspects of the Second World War. It includes a role play on how children were selected by families in the country side. There is an amusing piece of role play in a barn when children are picked by various characters. The script also gives information on children’s toys, rationing and how this impacted on children’s food choices!

Key Stage: Based Key Stage 2 History QCA Unit: What was it like for children to live through the Second World W

Style: Informative and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Children in the Second World War Class Assembly - Extract

What was it like for children to live in the Second World War?


Hello boys and girls we hope you are sitting tight.
Today we are we are going to talk about a really big fight!!!
It lasted from 1939 to 1945. This war lasted 6 years.
Bullets, guns, bloody, gory, horrible ugly stuff
It was a tussle between the real rough and tough.


The Second World War happened between 1939 and 1945. It is called a world war because it involved nearly all the big countries in the world.


It did not start just suddenly - lots of events led to it.


You may have heard of him and now it is time to meet him in person! Coming on to stage now ladies and gentlemen is the leader of the Nazi party in Germany at the time, Adolf Hitler!
(On comes Hitler)


My name is Adolf Hitler. I rule Germany and am very cross with the way my country was treated at the end of the last big fight, The First World War!! Our land was taken, we had to pay for all the damage of the war and made to feel stupid. What's more, we were banned from having a big army!! The people of Germany are very angry and I can get them to do anything I want. We are the greatest people that ever lived and we will rule the world! I have a plan! I will invade Poland first and then advance into France and then conquer Britain!!! And this time we will win.

(Marches off)

Chamberlains radio broadcast is heard.
(Link to Chamberlains broadcast)

----------- Scene from another page ----------


Children were evacuated from their homes in the cities because it was not safe for them to stay there and were placed with guardians in the country side. These people had to take children into their homes sometimes even when they didn't have to.


Let's take a peek at how children were taken by the carers in the country side.

(Children file in with their bags and take a seat in what could be set up as a mini classroom)

Mr Sam

Right then children we haven't got all day. Find a seat come on! You! (pointing) the one in the black tie! Pick your book up! Your mother's not here to do it for you!

Child 1

Yes sir, sorry sir!

Billeting officer

Well you know what we are here for! In a minute we will have some people who live in this town who are kind enough to take you. I want you to be on your best behaviour so that they take you otherwise it's sleeping in the old barn at the back - you hear?

(A plumpish lady walks through the door and all the children sit up)

Billeting Officer

Good morning to you Mrs Brat and how are you this fine morning? How is your chicken farm?

Mrs Brat

Oh you know how busy it is for me! A single woman running the entire place and on top of all this, I now have to look after someone's little child!

Billeting Officer

That is awfully kind of you Mrs Brat, awfully kind of you. Do you like the look of any of these?

Mrs Brat

(Scanning the children eagerly) Well, I would like the child who can run fast so that he can at least catch the chickens for me!

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