Castles Class Assembly Script

An exciting class assembly on different types of castles and why they were built. The assembly includes scenes on different parts of the castles, Lords and knights as well as jousting competitions.


In this assembly the children will take a trip and wander through the medieval castle on a typical day. They will survey parts of the castle with builders, watch the cooks in the smelly kitchen and count the taxes and money with Lord Louis and his officials. They will watch a medieval knight in training and if that is not enough, they will even take part in a jousting competition and watch the best knights battling it out for gold! The assembly is set against the historical context of the NoNorman Invasion of England and the first castles that were built on the order of William the conqueror.

Key Stage: Key Stage 1 role-play

Style: Informative and amusing

Number of children: A script for 30 children but can be edited to accommodate for more or less.

Duration: 20 minute performance but can be edited.

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Castles Class Assembly - Extract

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Here is an extract from the playscript.

Sample Extract 1

William C.

I am William the Conqueror and I am now your king!
(Stands amongst the dead soldiers facing the audience)
 I own all the land now and I want rent from everyone!


(Protestations using fists and high voices)

Group 1

No! It is our land! We will not pay you anything! It isn't fair!

Group 2

It's our land!

Group 2

We don't have enough!

Group 3

Buzz off!

Group 4

We will all pull together and attack you!

William C

These people might attack me! I need to protect myself! Hmmmm (Taps his fingers on his lips and thinks)


William had an idea.

William C

I must live in a safe place! So I will need to build a big castle on a hill so I can see them coming!


William had another good idea.
(He turns to his soldiers)
You! You! And you! (Points) I make you Lord and knights because you are brave. I will give you lots of money to collect money from these peasants.


(Comes forward) Deal!
(William and soldier shake hands on the deal and exit stage)


The first castles were built by William the Conqueror and his Lords. They were a very powerful lot. Shhhsssh! Here come William's soldiers!

(Enter a battalion)
We are loyal to our King
Lots of money he will bring
We will do whatever he says
We will always sing his praise

Sample Extract 2


Lord Louis has just had a stone castle built. He doesn't know the different parts of his own castle. His advisor is explaining. Let's listen.


(Two enter from opposite sides) My lord, I have the plans. (Unrolls the scroll) Your castle has very strong stone walls. (Points to the power-point slide) It has a high keep on a mound.

Lord Louis

Hmmmm, what is a keep?


That's the tower sir, where you and your lady will sleep.

Lord Louis

Hmmmm, what's a mound?


That's the high hill sir where your castle is built. You are not a very clever lord are you?

Lord Louis

Oi! Watch it! I am very powerful! Just answer the questions!


Oh sorry sir! You are right sir!

Lord Hugh

Where will my servants and knights sleep?


In the Bailey sir just below the tower.

Lord Hugh

And that must be the bridge I have been hearing so much about!

Sample Extract 3


Lord Louis has held a jousting competition. All the nearby lords are invited!


In a joust, two knights have a pretend fight and charge at each other and try to knock the other off with his lance! Let's watch.


Welcome to the Lord Louis's Jousting duel!

(Drum roll) On the right we have Sir Lancelot!
(Sir Lancelot shows his armour and his coat of arms and his muscles. Audience clap)

(Drum roll) And on the left we have Sir Dancelot!
(Sir Dancelot shows his armour and his coat of arms and his muscles. Audience clap)

Knights go around in circles with a flag in one hand and spear on the other and pretending to ride a horse. Slowly take positions and line up to charge. Drum rolls and trumpet



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