Caractacus Versus the Romans Class Assembly Script

Caractacus Versus the Romans

Primary School Class Assembly Script on how Caractacus fought the Romans and resisted their rule. Children meet Roman soldiers and generals who won so many of the battles against their enemies. The children witness the treachery at the time and watch the brave battles that Caractacus put up against the force of the Roman Army.

Key Stage: Key stage KS2

Style: Informative and amusing

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more.

Duration: 20 minutes but can be made longer or shorter by editing the script.

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Caractacus Versus the Romans Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1

Narrator 1

You have all heard about Henry the Eighth?



Narrator 2

You've all heard about Queen Elizabeth the 1st?


Yes of course we have!

Narrator 3

You've all heard of William the Conqueror?


You must think we are daft!

Narrator 4

What about Boudicca?


Well sort of ...!

Narrator 5

How about Cunobelinus, or Cartimandua or Caractacus?

Narrator 6

He was an English king at the time of the Romans. Who knows when the Romans invaded Britain two thousand years ago?


He fought against the Romans for nine years in all. He was the first British hero. Would you like to meet him? I said would you like to meet him?





Welcome to your majesty!

(Narrators bow)


Greetings! I, Caractacus, greet you warmly - unlike the greeting I gave to those Roman dogs who came to take my land.

Extract 2


Soldiers! Today we fight for our freedom. Why should we be ruled by the Romans?

Soldier 1

Freedom from slavery.

Soldier 2

Romans keep out!

Soldier 3

What can they do for us?

Soldier 4

We like our roads bendy!

Soldier 5

I don't like pasta!


(All look at him) What is pasta?


Focus men. Keep focussed. Into battle and watch out for those javelins!

(Battle. Stylised battle. One by one the Roman soldiers fall)


Caractacus's army had won the battle
But they had not won the war.
Yet they managed to resist the Romans
For at least eight years or more.

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