School Assembly on Anger - KS1 & KS2

Download a school assembly on anger.


The pack includes a PowerPoint slideshow which explains what types of things make children feel angry, what they feel like when they are angry, and the acceptable and unacceptable ways of showing anger.

The pack also includes a short story about a little boy who lashes out at his brother in a rage and then regrets it later. The conversation the little boy has with his parents later is a good basis to draw children into suggesting strategies for dealing with anger.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 but can be adapted for Key Stage 1

Number of children: Suitable for class, key stage or whole school

Duration: 20 minutes

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Anger School Assembly - Sample

Here are some sample slides from the Powerpoint presentation:

Rage! - Extract

Sam felt like he wanted to explode! His cheeks were red and his heart was beating fast! He shook with anger and felt out of control. He clenched his fist, tightened his jaw, pulled his arm back and released a big punch right on James's left eye. It was a thunderbolt blow which sent James' rolling on the floor holding his eye and crying. Sam stormed upstairs, ran to his room and bolted his door shut. He threw himself on the bed and then as if he was replaying the punch downstairs, threw his pillow at the bookshelf which sent his books flying in the air. The handle turned a few times and then Sam heard his dad. "You need to stay in there Sam and think about what you just did and don't bother coming down until you are able to explain and apologise."

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