Ancient Greeks Class Assembly Script

An exciting and interesting class assembly play script which portrays Ancient Greece within its historical context.

Ancient Greeks

A class assembly which portrays Ancient Greece within its historical context. The script includes the information on Athens and Sparta and also different gods and goddesses and then goes through the classic myth – Theseus and the Minotaur

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 History Curriculum Class Ancient Greeks Role-play

Style: Very informative, amusing and creatively written Ancient Greek play-script. Highly entertaining

Number of children: Accommodates for a whole class of 30 but can easily be amended to accommodate less or more

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

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Ancient Greeks Class Assembly - Extract

This is an extract from our Ancient Greeks class assembly.

Narrator 1

It’s a quarter to eleven on ...... (Own date). But for the next few minutes we are going to take you back three thousand years to Ancient Greece.

Narrator 2

No – not that horrible sticky stuff you put on your hair or the wheels of your bikes – Ancient Greece – one of the greatest civilisations the world has seen. Yes, the one you studied in year 3 if you remember that far back.

Narrator 3

Ancient Greece was not ruled over by one person. Different parts of the country were ruled by different cities. The two strongest were Athens and Sparta.

Narrator 4

Sparta was ruled by two kings. These kings told the people what to do. Two Kings We are the rulers of Sparta. You will do as we say.

Narrator 5

The Athenians did not have kings, they had democracy. The people themselves decided how the city should be run.

Narrator 6

Pericles was a famous Athenian who helped start the democracy. Here he comes now…


Our government is different from that of our neighbours. Our government is called democracy. This means that power is in the hands of the people, not just a chosen few. “Power of the People!”

Spartan (All)

Hail – we are soldiers from Sparta. Soldiers

Spartan 1

In Sparta life is tough. Every new born baby is shown to the Spartan elders. If it looks weak it has to be taken to the mountains and left to die

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