Ancient Egypt Class Assembly Script

A fun and interesting class assembly script on Ancient Egypt that runs through all aspects covered in the history curriculum; Archaeology, mummification and after-life, gods and a lot more.

Ancient Egypt

Class assembly play that runs through all aspects covered in the history curriculum for this area; Archaeology, mummification and after-life, gods and a lot more. Fun and interesting curriculum based play.

Key Stage: KS 2 History Curriculum Ancient Egyptians role-play

Style: Information and amusing

Number of children: 30 but can be adjusted to suit any number in the class.

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

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Ancient Egypt Class Assembly - Extract

(The scene opens with a few children dressed as archaeologists digging. There is a table on the side with some archaeologists looking at artefacts and some examining books with a magnifying glass.)

Digger 1

Hello! It is 1847 and I am here under the blistering sun of Egypt. I am digging!

(All diggers dig in unison and with each push of the spade, they let out a huge breath)


Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

Digger 2

It is very hot and we haven't found anything for months!


Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

Digger 3

We are finding out clues to an ancient civilisation!


Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

(Enter an Early Stone Age caveman, with a long beard walking like an Ape)


Yabadaba Doo! Can I help?


NOT as ancient as you! Buzz Off!

(Enter Howard Carter and passes and looks strangely at the caveman as he exits)

Howard Carter

I am Howard Carter. I am a brilliant archaeologist and I reckon a king from Ancient Egypt is buried here. I want to find his body! Keep digging!


the arch Oh we have been digging for days. There's nothing here! Let's just forget
about it!

Narrator 1

We are right in the middle of the Valley of the Kings and are about
to discover more truths about Ancient Egypt.

Archaeo 2

I found something! Oh it's just a tiny bead from a necklace!

Howard C

Beads from a necklace tell us what people wore! (Puts it in a clear bag)

Archaeo. 2

I found something! Oh it’s just a tiny piece of pottery! It’s got writing on it!

Howard C

Wait! Writing can tell you a lot! I know how to read hieroglyphs! Wait let me read it! (Comes closer to read) “Errr. Y ou … are . W asting … yo..ur time!”


AaaarAaaargh! (Fall to the ground)

(Freeze scene)


It's time to enter the world of Ancient Egypt > Back to pyramids, the pharaohs and their crypt


It's hot and dusty, the sun is high

In the busy market place, the stall holders cry


Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the banks of the River Nile
And the time is just half past nine!

(Exit archaeologists and enter stall holders. From form a semi-circle with baskets)

Stall holder

Dates! Dates! Get your dates here!

Stall holder

Figs, Figs! Come and get your figs here!


Oh! Watch out! It’s the pyramid builders!


Not again!

(Pushing cardboard boxes)

Builder 1

Move out of the way! Make way please! We are carrying huge rocks!


Not another pyramid!

Builder 2

This is really heavy! I can't push anymore!

Builder 3

I have got sand in my eye!

Builder 4

It's too hot out here!


Oh stop moaning and get on with it!

Towns crier

All hail to the King of Egypt! All hail to the Pharoah!

(Pharoah walks on centre stage)


Who is that still talking! (Claps) Guards take them away! (Clears his throat) I
am Pharoah and I am very, very powerful! So powerful you should think I am
God… Is my pyramid built?


We are trying our best! It does need 2 million blocks of stone!


It has to last for thousands of years so that people remember me by it!


We know!


A tall pyramid reaching to the heavens this time! (A vain look on face)


Uhhhh (big moan)


I don’t care how hot it is, if you can live or die. I want this done!

(He starts leaving) Come on then! Get to work! Chop Chop!

Stall holder

He is vain and evil!

Stall holder

Shhhhh! You will have us all killed!

Builder 1

2 million blocks of stone!

Builder 2

Each block will weigh 3 tonnes!

Builder 3

We can use cranes or truck... Can't we?

Builder 2

No! They haven't been invented yet, you fools! (frustrated)

Builder 1

We will have to move all these by hand!

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