Ancient Baghdad Class Assembly Script

A class assembly on the great circular city of Baghdad and the formation of the House of Wisdom.

Ancient Baghdad

In this assembly the children will meet the important Caliphs and witness the construction of the great circular city of Baghdad and the formation of the House of Wisdom. They will act out bustling market scenes which outline important trade routes that connected the city of Baghdad with the rest of the world. The children will show-case the important achievements of the scientists and physicians who were responsible for the golden age of scientific achievement and the legacy they left on modern science and medicine. Finally they take part in the battle between the Baghdad army and the army of Genghis Khan and witness the falling of the great city Baghdad to Mongol control.

Key Stage: Key Stage 2 role-play

Style: Information and entertaining

Number of children: A script for 30 children but can be edited to accommodate for more or less.

Duration: 20 minute performance time but can be edited.

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Ancient Baghdad Class Assembly - Extract

Extract 1


In 762 AD Caliph al Mansur became the new Caliph. He is here with us today. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Caliph Al Mansur.

(On comes Caliph Al Mansur and stands centre stage. Hands on hips)


I am Caliph al Mansur. I am going to build this city to be the glorious capital of my empire. I have already marked out a great place!

(Points to power point slide. Alternatively children bring on a mobile whiteboard with a photocopy of the actual ancient circular town stuck on it)

(On comes Vizir)


I want a perfectly, (Looks at him) PERFECTLY round city!


A circular city. (Starts taking notes)


I want it to be between the two rivers.


Between the Tigris and the Euphrates (Mumbles audibly as he writes this down)


I want it in a place that will make it easy for traders from India (Points one way), China (Points another way) and Armenia (Points another way) to come here and trade!


Yes. (Writes it all down and looks up) Is that all sir?


No! I want all the important buildings in the middle.


(Scribbles) Ok... (Stops writing and looks at Caliph)

Your majesty? How are we going to keep the enemies out?


Build double walls! Build complicated curved passageways, ramps and chambers.

Extract 2


The streets of Baghdad bustled with trade. The bustling markets sold goods from all over the world.

(Traders come on the stage and stand on marked positions forming a semi-circle.)

Trader 1

Hello! Are you a tradesman too? Where are you from?

Trader 2

Yes! I am travelling with silk. I have come to sell my stuff here! What about you?

Trader 1

Well I am here from Europe with these olives! I hope people from the far-east will come here and buy these.

Trader 3

I am passing through Baghdad to go to Persia. It's on the way.

Trader 4

The gates are opening! Come let's sell our stuff in the markets! I have a feeling I am going to make a lot of money today!


Extract 3


These great scientists of Baghdad are visiting the House of Wisdom to show off their work. Let's take a peep!


My name is Al Khawrizimi. And I have developed a new system for counting! The Roman numerals are hopelessly inefficient and downright clunky! (Points to slide) I have developed a new system!


Extract 4


It was at this historic time that the Mongols arrived in Baghdad in 1258! (Army arrives with swords and position themselves strategically around the stage)

Genghis Khan

We are the Mongols! We are from North Asia and I am Genghis Khan. I was born with a clot of blood in my palm. I spare no-one who comes in my way.

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